My voice is an echo of places I don't know

And stories I've been told

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11 March 1988
Commerce City, Colorado, United States
Everyday I'm Tumblin'
Community College of Denver - Denver CO (2008 - 2010)
Metropolitan State College of Denver - Denver CO (2010 present)
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Name: Dehlia
Age: 25
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Status: In a serious (long distance) relationship with a wonderful man
Personality: INFP. Pisces. Dragon.

I'm a college student making her way through adulthood with only mild success. I'm a former student of Journalism who now prefers English and Linguistics. My dream is to publish my written work, whether it takes the form of novels or articles (hopefully both). I also enjoy photography, baking and cake decorating, crafting, traveling, and dying my hair every shade of the rainbow.

I mostly use this journal for posting to communities, but if I somehow acquire more active friends, I might consider updating more often.

Journal is friends only.
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